Parsnip, kale, potato, brussels, leek, rocket, coriander soup

Making freezable soup with the veg that’s going to be past its sell-by / use by date in a couple of days means I can extend its life for a bit, putting it in a sort of cryostasis. Defrosting instructions are at the end. Also if there’s no food in the shops during Coronavirus end-times I’ll have a handful of meals to keep me going for a couple of days 😉

This recipe is loosely based on GCDA (Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency)’s cookery book which I’ve been dipping into after going on a free cookery course (book’s free too if you complete the course) with them.


  1. Parsnips (there were 5 in my pack) – peeled, ends cut off then sliced
  2. Baking potatoes (2) – roughly chopped
  3. New / mini potatoes (about 250g) – just tipped in with everything else
  4. Kale, bag – ends removed then roughly chopped
  5. Leek – ends removed, sliced (then washed carefully in a sieve before adding to the rest of the veg)
  6. Brussels sprouts (about 250g) – ends cut off, outer leaves removed
  7. Rocket – 100g pack
  8. Few coriander leaves from my wilting plant, washed
  9. Onion
  10. Garlic – 3 cloves
  11. Curry powder – 1 generous teaspoon
  12. Plain flour – 1 generous tablespoon
  13. 1.5ml water (boiled)
  14. Creme fraiche for garnish – leave off to make the meal vegan


  • Veg peeler
  • chopping board
  • knife
  • Sieve or colander
  • Large cooking pot with lid
  • Large bowl to contain the veg before it goes in the pot
  • Kettle or other means to boil water
  • Scraps bin (compostable)
  • Stick blender
  • Plastic lidded boxes with a capacity of 250 – 500ml for freezing


  • Prepare and chop everything up and including 8 (coriander) – this took me blooming ages
  • Crush / slice the garlic
  • Chop the onion quite finely
  • Put a very large pot on the stove, add oil and light the gas / electric
  • Add the garlic and onion, give it a stir, lid on and let it all get nicely warmed – 2mins
  • Add all veg (1-8 from list above) and give it a massive stir, lid on – give it 10 mins
A pot full of green vegetables and potatoes, about to be soup

Pic 1: A pot full of green vegetables and potatoes, about to be soup

  • Add the curry powder and flour – stir, lid on – 2 minutes
  • Boil kettle
  • Pour in a pint of water and give it a stir – lid on – simmer for 7 mins
  • Check and add another half pint of water or so – simmer for 8 mins (15 mins with water)
  • Turn off heat, take off lid
  • Blend to a veggie pulp
Cooked green veg and potatoes turned into soup with a stick blender

Pic 2: Cooked green veg and potatoes turned into soup with a stick blender

Eat some, freeze the rest. A good-sized bowl of soup is equivalent to about 400ml capacity (a small snack bowl is about 200ml). I used a range of storage boxes (capacity from 300 to 450, for the freezer, plus a small bowlful in the fridge for tomorrow).

Defrosting and reheating frozen soup

This is just stolen from an earlier post of mine 🙂

I’ve been taking one of the portions out of my freezer and leaving it in the fridge to defrost (quite often just leaving it on the countertop first to shed the outer ice as water before putting it in the fridge). Then I reheat in the microwave on full power. I’ve not tried using the defrost button yet. The NHS recommends using a defrosted portion within 24 hours, and do not refreeze it.

The first time I defrosted a portion I thought it had all gone a bit wrong as it looked like it was starting to separate into water and partially defrosted veggie gloop but after a bit of stirring it all started to look a bit more promising.


Pic 3. A fully defrosted soup portion ready for reheating


Pic 4. What it looks like after 1.5 minutes on high heat and a bit of a stir – beginning to separate and look watery, it was at this point that I thought I might have stuffed it up.


Pic 5. What it looks like after another 1.5 mins and a stir – beginning to look more like soup. Phew everything’s fine again 🙂

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