Cream / soft cheese, peas, tomato purée, garlic, parmesan and spaghetti – olives optional


  • Spaghetti (dried) or pasta of your choice
  • Some peas (I used frozen peas)
  • Sauce: Garlic finely sliced (I used a couple of cloves from a bulb)
  • Sauce: Oil (olive etc)
  • Sauce: Philadelphia style cream / soft cheese (mine was M&S generic)
  • Sauce: Some tomato purée to make it go a bit pinkish

Whole thing takes about 10-11 minutes so it’s quick.


  • Large pan for pasta
  • Smaller pan for sauce
  • Wooden spoon for stirring
  • Chopping board and knife for garlic

Method (adjust timings for your pasta cooking time)

  • Heat some water, get the pasta up and boiling in the larger pan, put on a timer for 6 mins
  • Finely chop the garlic
  • Once six mins have elapsed heat some oil in smaller pan, add the chopped garlic, cream cheese (stir well) then add some tomato purée, timer on for 5 mins – give it a stir occasionally
  • Tip the frozen peas into the pasta pan (which cools things down a lot if you’re using frozen as I did but it soon heats up again).
  • Once 11 mins has passed drain the pasta/peas and pour into the sauce and stir. Tip onto a plate and coat in parmesan.

I forgot to use olives (though I actually had plenty to hand!) but they can be heated in with the sauce or however you like them.


Ooh this was nice. I spotted this Pasta with Olives, Tomato & Soft Cheese (37p per serving) recipe on Thrifty Lesley’s website and wondered what soft cheese was under consideration (ricotta? mascarpone? Philadelphia?) and asked on Twitter (Philadelphia!), then I also found a related recipe 10-minute cream cheese pasta which explicitly mentioned Philadelphia.

I’ve never used soft cheese in cooking (I put cold ricotta on top of my penne ratatouille meal) though I’ve made some very nice cheese sauces from cheddar before, so this was a new one to me. Very enjoyable.

Spaghetti, soft cheese, tomato purée, garlic, peas and parmesan on a Denby plate



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